New Welsh Review


Poem by David Ishaya Osu

PUBLISHED ON: 26/01/21


TAGS: London, desire, fashion, reinvention

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The trench coat she wore didn’t look like her sorrow.
She told me about wandering the streets of London

to keep her mind busy, to keep her mind going
to take in as many possible pieces of London she can

to give the city her own mind – day and night
memorable curves, hats and scarves – restless

I would end up following her, following her mind
a camera in my hand, desire in the other

everyone’s in a haste, but they’re not running
she said more in laughing and touching

tossing, smiling, blinking, winking, asking
heaving, crossing, coffee, with thanks to the day



David Ishaya Osu is a poet, memoirist, and street photographer. His work has previously appeared in Magma, The Griffith Review, The Oxford Review of Books, The Australian Poetry Journal and other places. David has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Kent, and is the author of the poetry chapbooks, When I’m Eighteen (2020)  and Once in a Blue Life (2020).