I began reading Victoria Owen’s account of Lady Charlotte Guest, knowing little about Lady Charlotte and what she accomplished. On concluding the book, my understanding of this remarkable woman and what her life entailed was much enriched. Lady Charlotte Bertie was born on 19 May, 1812. In September 1818, her kind and benevolent father died. […]
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Bear on the Battlefield

Poem by Katy Giebenhain

PUBLISHED ON: 26/01/21


Sweet spot of the day the last tour bus propels itself through the fresh dusk. Split-rail fences rim the road in waggy stitches. In local news, a bear …

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Well-laid Hedges and Cider

Jim Pratt failed all his exams and was gently advised by his father to get a job. He recalls his first forestry posting at Osbaston, near the council’s rubbish tip in Monmouth, in 1960

PUBLISHED ON: 03/11/20


‘Coming to Mrs Wallet’s?’ Tom Johns was lighting his bicycle lamp, shielding the rather damp match that he had taken from a small tin and struck on hi …

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Poem to His Line Manager

Jonathan Edwards

PUBLISHED ON: 30/11/17


For I pity your children. For the sight of your car outside the office at eight on a Tuesday morning makes me feel ill. For I walk past a golf shop on …

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Rich Text: Tyler Keevil on his Short Story collection Burrard Inlet

Tyler Keevil

PUBLISHED ON: 28/02/13


In Alistair MacLeod’s story, ‘The Boat’, a young narrator on the cusp of manhood is torn between following his dreams, of leaving the fishing communit …

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