Despite his self-confessed ‘remoteness from politics’, David Jones was, in fact, an ardent Welsh nationalist, albeit an unconventional one, as his life, letters and specifically his poem ‘The Sleeping Lord’ reveal. On 15 July 1966, the writer and artist David Jones received a telephone call from his close friend, the Welsh nationalist Valerie Wynne Williams. […]
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Owen Rhoscomyl

Chris Moss

PUBLISHED ON: 01/02/17


Chris Moss looks at the colourful past of Owen Rhoscomyl and its depiction in John S Ellis literary biography, following the popular commercial writer …

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PUBLISHED ON: 29/12/11

CATEGORY: Editorial

‘PLEASE Miss Aldridge,’ Claire said at once, ‘. . . but what I mean what I want to know is – however did we get back to being English again?’ Miss Ald …

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