In Alternative Values: Poems and Paintings, Frieda Hughes explores, in a single volume for the first time, the two disciplines that she describes as ‘the driving forces’ in her life. Each poem is accompanied by a painting; however, their relationship is not one of straightforward ‘illustration’. As Hughes explains in her preface, the visual becomes […]
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According to Adrian

Niall Griffiths

PUBLISHED ON: 28/11/12


It began as an accident, Adrian says, in his moments of lucidity between doses of medication; the entire affair was an accident, except it sounds like …

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Prince Philip, Royal Rings and Sharing the Spoils

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 20/06/11


Fiona Bruce caused a minor stir in our household the other night. First we spotted her at Aberystwyth station en route to the Antique Roads Show. Then …

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