Memories of Drawings: Georgia O’Keeffe in Penarth

Eleanor Williams draws inspiration from a curve in the road in New Mexico, imagined and seen by Georgia O'Keeffe

PUBLISHED ON: 28/07/22


View from bedroom window of O’Keeffe’s bedroom in New Mexico.   One of the works in the exhibition of Georgia O’Keeffe’s drawings in the Turner H …

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The Art of Blue Woman

Jonathan Page on the Welsh female artists who inspired the protagonist of his novel Blue Woman: Gwen John, Joan Baker and Shani Rhys James

PUBLISHED ON: 30/03/22

CATEGORY: Author process, Essays

Blue Woman (published by Weatherglass Books), is the fictional biography of a Welsh painter, Rose Hartwood. Her career is a long one, stretching from …

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Anna Falcini’s In Between the Folds Are Particles, Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Claire Pickard on an exhibition, based on research into Gwen John’s letters and diaries, which explores projection, performance, subjectivity and the unreachable nature of past experience

PUBLISHED ON: 25/01/22


The genesis of Anna Falcini’s In Between the Folds Are Particles was her research into Gwen John’s letters and diaries as part of a residency at the A …

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