The second series of the S4C drama, Parch, came to a hauntingly ambiguous end two Sundays ago, having delighted audiences for eight weeks with its fine ensemble cast, its compelling central mysteries, its dalliances with the metaphysical and its keen insights into the compulsions of its corporeal characters. Whereas the first series focused on Carys […]
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35 Diwrnod

Dewi Huw Owen previews the third in this innovative Welsh-language crime drama series with shades of the great Russian novel, and finds it breathlessly compelling, a minimalist’s visual feast and an utterly convincing, terrifying masterpiece

PUBLISHED ON: 01/03/17


35 Diwrnod, as is the case with all Welsh-language drama from S4C, is repeated with subtitles and also available with subtitles on iPlayer. The first …

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