Cities are hip. Towns are gritty. Hamlets are romantic. Capitals are – snooty accent coming – capital. Villages are problematic. What do you think of when someone says ‘village’. Idiots? A green, for men in whites playing cricket? No shops, no post office, no BAMEs, no youth? Perhaps nimbys, or twee cottages, or gossip and […]
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Barry Island: The Making of a Seaside Playground c1790–1965

How Penarth beat Biarritz Barry. Chris Moss traces the posh eighteenth-century roots of the working-class resort

PUBLISHED ON: 03/11/20


Some British seaside resorts double as lazy jokes. Skegness, Blackpool and Clacton-on-Sea are names that trip off the tongue when there’s chatter abou …

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Plague Dreams of the Future City

The metropolis is being whipped by the long tail of Covid-19. Chris Moss envisions the death of the megacity

PUBLISHED ON: 29/09/20


Plagues kill citizens. They reconfigure cities. An outbreak of yellow fever in Buenos Aires in 1871 emptied the southern districts of wealthy resident …

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