Hymns and Arias: The Selected Poems, Songs and Stories

Liz Jones is warmed by the selected work of a Valleys folk poet, community clown and balladeer, the performer her generation knew was their own

PUBLISHED ON: 01/03/22


Rugby posts, bedraggled sheep, male voice choirs and redundant colliery wheels. Like the cartoonist Gren (Grenville Jones) – whose funny, affectionate …

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South Wales Monuments and Transmissions, 1996–2004 and Not Still: Rhondda Photographs, by Paul Cabuts

Tim Cooke assesses two publications of the formidable, challenging and subversive Valleys photographs of Paul Cabuts

PUBLISHED ON: 26/01/21

CATEGORY: Photo essay, Reviews

Not Still, the title of Paul Cabuts’s stunning collection of images of the Rhondda Valley, comes from Border Country, Raymond Williams’ classic novel …

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