The Thirteenth Angel

Vicky MacKenzie explores this twenty-seventh collection of poetry addressing technology, science, the precarious journeys of the body, and the language beyond language itself

PUBLISHED ON: 02/08/23


All this, the perceptible city, tingling. Now / isn’t the time for I-sing-the-body-electric / ecstasies. Sing / the body that’s weary, / sleepless, an …

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Return Journey

Poem by Hilary Watson

PUBLISHED ON: 29/09/20


 ‘Hullo?’ the call connects as a child screams through the funnel of the carriage. ‘It’s me,’ I say. a man pulls the armrest down ‘I got your message. …

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Poem by Catherine Walsh

PUBLISHED ON: 29/09/20


Get your gross man-eyes off my poem with your numb-drum dumbing literal mind behind which hides no sincerity. My ma had a hundred times your brains bu …

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Denis and Katya

Lee Tisdale reviews the theatrical opera, Denis and Katya (2019), characterised by media communications and inspired by a true story.

PUBLISHED ON: 09/03/20


The Aberystwyth Arts Centre theatre was an alien place to me until I went there to see Denis + Katya (2019). Through the doors, into the spacious and …

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Speaking Stones with Milly Jackdaw

Lee Tisdale heartily reflects on his experience listening to the cosy storytellings of Milly Jackdaw.

PUBLISHED ON: 02/03/20


Ceredigion Museum: a great visual representation of times already passed, separated from modern society by a mere doorframe. Within, there was a story …

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Smugglers’ Tunnel

João Morais

PUBLISHED ON: 30/11/17


Gwil pressed the looking-glass indent and it let off a weak light, and the numbers said 11.45. He kept on walking and saw the rotten struts stopping t …

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Contemporary Literature from Wales

Gwen Davies, Robin Chapman and Suzy Ceulan Hughes

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


Gwen Davies on recent fiction in English from Wales, Robin Chapman on the rejection of politicisation in Welsh-language literature since devolution, S …

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Slender Underpinnings

Michael Nott on Welsh photopoetry and the collaborative imagination

PUBLISHED ON: 01/08/15


‘There is a theory,’ writes poet John Fuller,   Paul White, ‘Garth Hill, Pentyrch, Cardiff,’ featuring poet John Tripp   that a successful c …

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Hatchet Job

Craig Thomas

PUBLISHED ON: 17/03/14


The rise of the internet has seen the field of film criticism expand exponentially. Nowadays, everyone with a keyboard (or touch pad, mobile phone etc …

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Tweetin’ ‘Bout A Revolution

Tim Evans

PUBLISHED ON: 27/11/13


In Why It’s Still Kicking Off Everywhere*, Paul Mason describes a meeting with activists from the student, ecology and Palestinian rights movements. W …

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