Lest We Forget

Wanda Zyborska writes about HM Stanley, Denbigh, memorialisation and art, asking, How can we have equality without diversity in our cultural representations?

PUBLISHED ON: 28/07/20

CATEGORY: Column, Opinion

The recent actions of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters tearing down statues of the slave owner Edward Colston in Bristol has drawn public attention …

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A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things

Alex Diggins grapples with an illuminating – but often dense – new history of capitalism, climate change and colonialism

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/19


Capitalism has many relics. It is an ideology around which objects restlessly cohere. One such artefact is the smartphone on which you are perhaps rea …

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Catch of the Day and Other Stories

Dan Bradley

PUBLISHED ON: 01/10/15


This slim anthology presents the nine winning stories from the 2015 Rhys Davies Short Story Competition, plus the winner and runner-up from the inaugu …

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