Secular, Scriptural or the Heavenly Host: 6 Angel Rules

Eleanor Williams seeks Truman Capote’s advice about writing like an angel, but comes up with her own rules for embedding angels in your writing

PUBLISHED ON: 28/06/22

CATEGORY: Author process, Column

Truman Capote, it is said, wrote like an angel. Is there a higher compliment? Writing like an angel is synonymous with ease, with perfection of sound …

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Dafydd Harvey considers the merits and pitfalls of writing commercial fiction for a publisher with a literary reputation, as well as issues of padding and innovation within the novel

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/20


Kate Hamer’s Crushed is the story of three young girls studying at sixth-form. Phoebe, the bad girl, the troubled ‘pixie’, believes she is capable, th …

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This Last Tempest, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 17 February

Alice Vernon

PUBLISHED ON: 05/02/17


This Last Tempest is a story formed in the silence that follows Shakespeare’s last play. Uninvited Guests and Fuel allow the audience to linger on the …

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My Year as an Island

John Harrison

PUBLISHED ON: 18/02/14


Unattributed quotations are from Shakespeare’s The Tempest I began 2012 worrying about my age: I would be sixty in October. In March I contracted a mi …

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Romeo y Julieta

Kittie Belltree

PUBLISHED ON: 20/11/13


A man and a woman are playing cards. It is as it should be – in a dimly lit room on a folding table with a green felt top. The whole thing looks like …

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William Shakespeare’s Welsh connection

PUBLISHED ON: 29/12/11


For somebody who was not a member of the aristocracy, William Shakespeare’s life is exceptionally well documented. He was born in Stratford on Avon on …

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