A Perfect Mirror is Sarah Corbett’s fifth collection, and there’s a surety and confidence to her voice. There are poems responding to the work of many other writers, giving a sense of being in conversation with both the past and present. The stunning sequence which gives the collection its title is an exploration of Dorothy […]
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Freud Museum, Vienna

Giles Goodland

PUBLISHED ON: 30/11/17


The psychic centre of the western world is quiet, the empire emptied. The hoardings on the street outside reveal the unconscious to be incorporated, c …

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Liberating Dylan Thomas: Rescuing a Poet from Psycho-sexual Servitude AND Notes from the End of History: A Memoir of the Left in Wales

Helen Pendry

PUBLISHED ON: 01/10/15


Both Liberating Dylan Thomas and Notes from the End of History suggest we damage our own souls – and the hope of the world – if we abandon the passion …

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The Visitations

Oliver Dixon

PUBLISHED ON: 20/05/14


In The Visitations, there is often an insidious feeling that – like the women with children in Larkin’s ‘Afternoons’ – something is pushing her to the …

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The Shape of a Forest

Paul Cooper

PUBLISHED ON: 18/02/14


Things have been looking great for Jemma L King. The Powys-based poet and academic won the Terry Hetherington Young Welsh Writer of the Year Award in …

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The Messenger

Pippa Marland

PUBLISHED ON: 23/07/13


This is a novel which will divide readers, with some appreciating its heartfelt values and others feeling a lack of sophistication. Like the story’s h …

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Snowdon, The Story of a Mountain

Jem Poster

PUBLISHED ON: 22/05/13


For a book ostensibly tied to a specific locality, Jim Perrin’s Snowdon covers a lot of ground. The mountain itself stands at the centre of the narrat …

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