For Couples Considering Divorce

Poem by Jenna V Sumpter

PUBLISHED ON: 26/01/21


  Just outside Las Vegas, NV, Ginnungagap Hotel advertises its indoor watercourse to precariously married couples   Take one week off from j …

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Tiger Girl

Vicky MacKenzie lauds an eighth collection, shimmering with beauty and rage, by the Keats-Shelley Poetry Prize-winning poet, a writer who refuses to flinch

PUBLISHED ON: 03/11/20


Tiger Girl shimmers with beauty and rage: for every exquisite description of a bird or tiger, there’s an incident of cruelty and horror, unfolded on t …

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Hello Friend We Missed You

Jacob Powell admires a bleak yet humorous debut novel, set in north Wales, about loneliness, guilt, personal trauma, privacy and communication

PUBLISHED ON: 30/10/20


Hello Friend We Missed You is Richard Owain Roberts’ debut novel, and continues the characteristic bleak yet humorous style found in his previous shor …

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This is a sparkling, funny novel, largely successful in honouring the complexities of late-flowering love, writes Mandy Sutter

PUBLISHED ON: 28/07/20


When pond salesman Selwyn comes home one afternoon towing his firm’s exhibition caravan and tells his ‘like-wife’ Ginny to get into the car, all she c …

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Who is Briton Tom? Interview with Robert Minhinnick in Porthcawl

Llŷr Gwyn goes on foot with the poet, from Porthcawl’s Bucaneer pub, through Trecco Bay, to the dunes, and finds out about how Robert Minhinnick is pursued by sand, ‘saving the bunny rabbits’, imposter syndrome, archaeology, the Blair glory years for the arts, a fear of things being obliterated, and the importance of a chorus to a poem

PUBLISHED ON: 28/07/20

CATEGORY: Interview

This interview, conducted in English, was originally published in Welsh (‘Tywod Porthcawl:  Mynd am Dro gyda Robert Minhinnick’) in O’r Pedwar Gwynt ( …

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In Passing

Georgia Fearn finds that this latest poetry collection defies expectations and presents fresh and refined perspectives on history

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/20


Energy cannot be made or lost Only transformed – then every word she spoke Must remain somewhere in motion, While dispersed beyond retrieval. ‘At the …

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Wales Book of the Year 2019 at Aberystwyth

Erica Shepard

PUBLISHED ON: 31/07/19


Literature Wales held the Wales Book of the Year 2019 at Aberystwyth’s Art Centre on the twentieth of June. It was a night to honour those for whom Wa …

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Fiona Orbell on The Nearest Faraway Place

Fo Orbell loves this page-turning, heartbreaking story full of comedy and magic

PUBLISHED ON: 01/08/17

CATEGORY: Audio review, Audio review with transcript

Fiona Orbell reviews The Nearest Faraway Place by Hayley Long, published by Hot Key Books. Audio recording, edit & photography: Aled John. Produce …

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Cynan Jones

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


He struck the limpet with the bronze socket of the knife, a crisp sudden movement, his free hand following the shell automatically as it loosed away f …

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Precision and Clarity

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17

CATEGORY: Editorial

Last month at Hay, Cath Barton was awarded this year’s New Welsh Writing Awards Americymru Prize for the Novella with ‘The Plankton Collector’. In her …

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