Under the Thumbs

Poem by Rob Miles

PUBLISHED ON: 22/07/21


Just above the water: my ten toes. A distinct arch in a hot heaven of foam. Both little toes particularly little, noticeably curled. The next equally …

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Suicide Machine

Tim Cooke on a photography book of Bridgend which is about people and places that exist, unknowable, beyond the headlines

PUBLISHED ON: 30/06/20


It’s just over a decade since I first met the photographer Dan Wood. I was gathering footage for a student film about creativity in our hometown, Brid …

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Mark Folds: Crises

Daniel Snipe attended a talk and exhibition at Swansea’s Elysium gallery on the domestic, class-inflected and global experiences of crisis

PUBLISHED ON: 03/06/20


On a rainy evening in March, the Elysium bar and gallery in Swansea welcomed the artist Mark Folds to talk about his latest exhibition, with the fitti …

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Jim Neat: The Case of a Young Man Down on His Luck

Desi Tsvetkova concludes that this hybrid novel/confessional narrative poem is an exceptional piece of literature

PUBLISHED ON: 05/05/20


Mary J Oliver’s father passed away in 1983, but it isn’t until twenty-five years later that a spark ignites inside the author, urging her to find out …

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Desi Tsvetkova enjoys an Indian-set young adult novel about being ripped from privilege and shaking off the conditioning of a luxurious life

PUBLISHED ON: 02/03/20


After the critical success of her award-winning debut novel, Boy 87, Ele Fountain returns with yet another heart-wrenching, yet eye-opening young adul …

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The Dead City Rollers by RT Stroud

Ffion Lindsay

PUBLISHED ON: 11/02/20


Ffion Lindsay cannot imagine RT Stroud’s cinematic debut novel being set anywhere other than Swansea, a place where according to her personal experien …

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Tales from the Riverbank

Richard J Parfitt

PUBLISHED ON: 23/07/19


Newport has always been a terminus for the nomadic working class. Forever economically depressed and an unemployment black spot – the first township y …

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Interview with Sara Gethin

Yalan Bao meets Sara Gethin, the author of the optimistic novel told through a disadvantaged child's voice, Not Thomas

PUBLISHED ON: 01/08/17

CATEGORY: Interview video, Reading

An interview with Sara Gethin, author of Not Thomas, a debut novel on violence, fostering and child protection akin to Emma Donoghue’s Room. Video by …

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Fury Never Leaves Us

Huw Lawrence

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


We are one hundred years on from the publication of Caradoc Evans’ short story collection, My People, a book carrying the status of being the opening …

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Rock Lobster

Francesca Rhydderch

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


What are the chances? A row of arcade reels, five dancing lobsters with a bell ringing a blinder above the music. A cartoon fisherman in his orange bi …

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