In the eighteen months since the Welsh electorate delivered that wafer-thin majority of 6,721 in favour of establishing a Welsh Assembly in a poll of over 1.1m. votes, the sound of the middle classes in Wales scrambling to board the devolution bandwagon has been palpable. The looming question now is whether that simple faith shown […]
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The referendum on a Welsh Assembly

PUBLISHED ON: 29/12/11


The people of Wales will be invited in a referendum in September to decide whether or not they want a Welsh national assembly. The proposal before the …

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The Tiger’s Wife

Eluned Gramich

PUBLISHED ON: 11/08/11


As I went to Waterstone’s to ask for a copy of the 2011 Orange Prize Winner, the shop assistant rather anxiously informed me that they only had three …

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Book of the Year Winner Proves Illusion will Nourish, even if it won’t feed us

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 18/07/11


‘Don Quixote,’ John Harrison says in his Book of the Year winner Cloud Road, A Journey Through the Inca Heartland, ‘is usually portrayed as an old man …

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