In an essay in the current issue of New Welsh Reader [Issue 124], I confessed to my obsession with hares. And I drew on Jane Russ’ The Hare Book for information, particularly about the poet William Cowper’s three pet hares, Bess, Tiney and Puss. I also have a love of hedgehogs, who have sometimes nested […]
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Suicide Machine

Tim Cooke on a photography book of Bridgend which is about people and places that exist, unknowable, beyond the headlines

PUBLISHED ON: 30/06/20


It’s just over a decade since I first met the photographer Dan Wood. I was gathering footage for a student film about creativity in our hometown, Brid …

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A Fold in the River by Philip Gross & Valerie Coffin Price

Liza Penn-Thomas

PUBLISHED ON: 11/02/20


It is unusual for me to pick up a collection of poems and find myself halfway through experiencing the same reluctance to put it down as I would with …

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Seahenge: A Journey

John Morgan

PUBLISHED ON: 30/07/19


Seahenge: A Journey by Kevin Crossley-Holland and Andrew Rafferty (Kailpot Press, 2019) is a collaborative arrangement of poems and photographs set in …

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The Last Hundred

John Morgan

PUBLISHED ON: 26/06/19


The Last Hundred, by Aaron Kent and William Arnold (Guillemot Press, 2019) is a collaboration between poet and photographer that creates a very real s …

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Just a Woman with Nothing on her Skin

Zoë Brigley

PUBLISHED ON: 07/05/19


What are the politics of a photograph? Legally, it belongs to the photographer, but how does this dynamic play out when so often women have been the e …

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Gower Photo Essay

Philip Griffiths

PUBLISHED ON: 09/05/18

CATEGORY: Photo essay

Philip Griffiths is a photographer working for NB:Design.

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Hinterland at the National Library of Wales

Linda Rhinehart

PUBLISHED ON: 24/10/17

CATEGORY: Interview

On 21 October I attended a bilingual discussion with Ed Thomas, co-creator of the television drama Hinterland (Y Gwyll in Welsh), along with writer Cy …

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Guests of Time: Poetry from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Ros Hudis

PUBLISHED ON: 09/08/17


The Oxford University Museum of Natural History is known as one of the finest examples of Pre-Raphaelite art. Built in 1855 to provide the university’ …

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Robert Minhinnick & Photos by Eamon Bourke

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


How can this be? I search but she is already gone. The cave she lived in? The sea rinses it twice daily with its furious housekeeping. In the ward she …

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