It’s just over a decade since I first met the photographer Dan Wood. I was gathering footage for a student film about creativity in our hometown, Bridgend, when he agreed to an interview. The documentary was supposed to be an antidote to the negative press coverage heaped on the town during the spate of suicides […]
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A Fold in the River by Philip Gross & Valerie Coffin-Price Review

Liza Penn-Thomas

PUBLISHED ON: 11/02/20


Liza Penn-Thomas finds a page-turner in this collection of poems and images where poet and the Taff become rival protagonists and the river is the veh …

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Seahenge: A Journey

John Morgan

PUBLISHED ON: 30/07/19


Seahenge: A Journey by Kevin Crossley-Holland and Andrew Rafferty (Kailpot Press, 2019) is a collaborative arrangement of poems and photographs set in …

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The Last Hundred

John Morgan

PUBLISHED ON: 26/06/19


The Last Hundred, by Aaron Kent and William Arnold (Guillemot Press, 2019) is a collaboration between poet and photographer that creates a very real s …

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Just a Woman with Nothing on her Skin

Zoë Brigley

PUBLISHED ON: 07/05/19


What are the politics of a photograph? Legally, it belongs to the photographer, but how does this dynamic play out when so often women have been the e …

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Gower Photo Essay

Philip Griffiths

PUBLISHED ON: 09/05/18

CATEGORY: Photo essay

Philip Griffiths is a photographer working for NB:Design.

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Hinterland at the National Library of Wales

Linda Rhinehart

PUBLISHED ON: 24/10/17

CATEGORY: Interview

On 21 October I attended a bilingual discussion with Ed Thomas, co-creator of the television drama Hinterland (Y Gwyll in Welsh), along with writer Cy …

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Guests of Time: Poetry from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Ros Hudis

PUBLISHED ON: 09/08/17


The Oxford University Museum of Natural History is known as one of the finest examples of Pre-Raphaelite art. Built in 1855 to provide the university’ …

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Revolution at Ffotogallery

Jack Pugh

PUBLISHED ON: 10/06/17


The revolution will not be televised, but it was and is photographed. Diffusion, Cardiff’s International Festival of Photography, organised by Ffotoga …

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For the People: A celebration of Welsh Architecture: Photographs by James Morris

Ellen Bell

PUBLISHED ON: 06/06/17


It is 9.30am and the café is quiet – no echoing squeals from little girls in pink leotards scampering in and out of the dance studios, or the humming …

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