Beyond a community of devoted fans who follow his footsteps everywhere, a valuable, even precious side to Marc Almond’s work remains a little-known secret. The general public knows the sweet enfant terrible from Southport who reached the top of the charts around the globe with ‘Tainted Love’ and some other Soft Cell hits in the […]
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The Trials of Oscar Wilde

Michael Tomlinson

PUBLISHED ON: 07/06/17


The play produced by Mappa Mundi and shown at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on 3 May, was jointly written by John O’Connor and Oscar Wilde’s grandson, Merli …

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‘Wilde Without the Boy’, Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Katya Johnson

PUBLISHED ON: 05/03/17


Everyone knows that Oscar Wilde was sent to prison in 1885 for having a homosexual relationship even if they haven’t read a single line of his plays. …

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