Denis and Katya

Lee Tisdale reviews the theatrical opera, Denis and Katya (2019), characterised by media communications and inspired by a true story.

PUBLISHED ON: 09/03/20


The Aberystwyth Arts Centre theatre was an alien place to me until I went there to see Denis + Katya (2019). Through the doors, into the spacious and …

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The Phantom of the Opera at Castell Coch

Sophie Baggott

PUBLISHED ON: 04/03/17


The story of a ghostly figure’s ruthless desire for an opera singer certainly fitted the bill for an event in Chapter’s Tainted Love season. As for th …

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The Strange Case of the Composer and his Judge

Crystal Jeans

PUBLISHED ON: 12/03/12


The Judge is Dominique Carpentier, a super-cool control freak irresistible to most men. Though you wouldn’t know this by her description in this novel …

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