RS Thomas: His Life and Writing

Tony Brown on an exhibition that challenges some stereotypes and secures the importance of the influence of Elsi Eldridge upon her husband RS Thomas' early artistic development

PUBLISHED ON: 04/10/22

CATEGORY: Exhibition review

Tony Brown on an exhibition that challenges some stereotypes and secures the importance of the influence of Elsi Eldridge upon her husband RS Thomas’ …

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The Half-Life of Snails

Morgan Davies admires this intriguing human story in which the nuclear debate is wrapped in a powerful exploration of personal and social development

PUBLISHED ON: 28/06/22


Sisters Helen and Jennifer live in the shadow of Wylfa Nuclear Power Station. Growing up in a sheep-farming family on the north coast of Anglesey, Wyl …

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The Cormorant

Laura Wainwright is intrigued by a classic horror novel in which the bird is an avatar of male vulnerabilities

PUBLISHED ON: 01/07/21


The cormorant is a strange-looking bird, with its thick, snaking neck; downturned, heavy prehistoric bill (yellow against the dark plumage) and blue-g …

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Pier Closing Time

Chris Moss, mulls on the mixed legacy of the British seaside that this wonderful collection evokes, and concludes that the artiness of monochrome, a world away from Instagram, gives us poetry as well as social realism

PUBLISHED ON: 23/02/21


There is no such thing as realism. Photographers might choose to capture the gritty, the depressing, the down at heel, but they do so by selection, by …

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Jan Morris 1926-2020

Chris Moss celebrates the life of a sharp-eyed, analytical and eclectic writer with the knack of being in the right place at the right time

PUBLISHED ON: 23/11/20

CATEGORY: Obituary

Wales’ most celebrated writer, Jan Morris, has died, aged 94.  The news comes at the end of a grim year during which her guiding passion – travel – ha …

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How Do You Run a Virtual Retreat?

Dewi Heald reports from a virtual autumn retreat hosted by Literature Wales' Tŷ Newydd Writers Centre in October, with Cathryn Summerhayes, Helen Sedgwick and Christina Thatcher. He discovers that retreats are not necessarily all about beautiful views

PUBLISHED ON: 17/11/20


How do you run a virtual retreat? When the premise of what you do is gathering writers together in beautiful Snowdonia to escape their day jobs and ea …

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The Man in Black. Peter Moore: Wales’ Worst Serial Killer

Chris Moss is fascinated by a book told in a level-headed narrative that trainee lawyers and police could learn from. And while trainee crime novelists should find inspiration here, it shows there is not always a ball of darkness in killers, but sometimes an empty void

PUBLISHED ON: 03/11/20


Like many crime stories, this one begins with a body – Anthony Davies, forty, found on Pensarn Beach by a dogwalker on the morning of 18 December, 199 …

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Hello Friend We Missed You

Jacob Powell admires a bleak yet humorous debut novel, set in north Wales, about loneliness, guilt, personal trauma, privacy and communication

PUBLISHED ON: 30/10/20


Hello Friend We Missed You is Richard Owain Roberts’ debut novel, and continues the characteristic bleak yet humorous style found in his previous shor …

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Places seem to connect with each other more successfully than do people in this follow-up interconnected story collection, writes Jacob Powell

PUBLISHED ON: 29/06/20


Shattercone is the second collection of linked short stories by author Tristan Hughes, and includes a number that have been previously published. All …

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Hidden, Series 2

Lee Tisdale reviews the drama of family relationships, mystery and murder in TV series Craith/HIdden, season two, set in north Wales

PUBLISHED ON: 01/04/20


Murder’s afoot, and it’s the second time around in the new series of Craith, or Hidden as the English version titles it. Featuring themes of wasted ch …

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