Ceredigion Museum: a great visual representation of times already passed, separated from modern society by a mere doorframe. Within, there was a storyteller of great calibre waiting to share a tale with me. On 22nd February, I entered into a large theatre and found Nicola Hart, who performs as Milly Jackdaw, sitting in a secluded […]
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Reclaiming Gay Rural Wales

Kaja Brown

PUBLISHED ON: 26/02/19


The Ceredigion Museum is transformed for the evening. The lights are dim, life is bustling, and there is that air of anticipation that comes before a …

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Bigotry and Virtue: George Powell and the Question of Legacy

Harry Heuser

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


When the collector, George Ernest John Powell (1842–82), decided to bequeath his artworks, books, antiquities and curios to what was then the Universi …

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A Cartographer’s Den

PUBLISHED ON: 07/03/17


There is a new cartographer’s den at the National Museum Cardiff. Maps, fossils and more maps fill its new exhibition on the second floor. Go upstairs …

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The Story of Books

Chris Moss

PUBLISHED ON: 01/02/17


Home of the global literature festival franchise, the highest concentration of second-hand bookstores in the UK (23 shops, 1,600 inhabitants) and more …

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Deep Time and the Poet

John Barnie

PUBLISHED ON: 01/07/16


Tropical cockroaches are big. The two sitting in the palm of my hand, antennae cautiously whirring, with a beautiful oily sheen to their dark brown ch …

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