Terracotta pots, full of flowers: dead, some alive. They’re in the same place as last year. Perched on these wooden tables, slats separating the nails, rusty and tough…   Rhys Milsom has published two collections of poetry, Amnesia (Onion Custard, 2015; reprinted by Accent Press 2016) and Transition (Accent Press, 2016). He was selected as […]
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Chips and Cherry Blossom

Jane MacNamee

PUBLISHED ON: 17/04/19

CATEGORY: Blog, Memoir

Soaked in sunshine thick with a wilder scent of salt and spring flowers that lined the path along the cliffs….   It was mid-April, and nothing ha …

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What a Way to Go

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 01/02/16


Oliver Tate, the protagonist of Joe Dunthorne’s novel Submarine (made into a major film by Richard Ayoade in 2010), commits his mid-teenage years to a …

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