Although Dirty Laundry is Deborah Alma’s first full-length collection, she is well known to many as the ‘Emergency Poet’, appearing at festivals, libraries, schools, pubs, weddings and conferences in her refitted 1970s ambulance. Wearing a white doctor’s coat, Alma conducts a brief ‘consultation’ in which a patient reclines on the ambulance bed and responds to […]
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Interview with João Morais

Ann D Bjerregaard interviews the Cardiff-based author João Morais about his debut short story collection, Things that Make the Heart Beat Faster, out on 1 October

PUBLISHED ON: 26/09/18

CATEGORY: Blog, Interview

João Morais holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Cardiff University, and he writes regularly for New Welsh Review and other publications. A number of …

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America’s Mistress: The Life and Times of Eartha Kitt

Amy McCauley

PUBLISHED ON: 20/01/14


A life is very difficult to capture, whatever medium or genre one works in: life, after all, is experienced from the inside, being predominantly made …

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