When my parents went back to their roots, to low ceilinged views of a pub with ducks, a shop, a Cotswold stone church, painstakingly restored   they found their kind long gone. I see them in a neighbour’s lounge among devotees of sipping of dispensing conversation in morsels.   Mum bears her small badge of […]
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Exquisitely Rough: Outsiders

Ruby D Jones on social class and the iceberg of London publishing

PUBLISHED ON: 27/03/19


Earlier this year, the Arts Council England awarded me a £10,000 grant to start writing my first book. I celebrated by spending the day crying, cwtche …

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The Red House

Kat Dawes

PUBLISHED ON: 20/09/12


Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time won him legions of fans for its portrayal of an autistic boy. His latest book is The R …

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Less a National Assembly, more a Glamorgan C.C. on stilts

PUBLISHED ON: 29/12/11


In the eighteen months since the Welsh electorate delivered that wafer-thin majority of 6,721 in favour of establishing a Welsh Assembly in a poll of …

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