Ed Garland’s book of criticism, bibliotherapy and memoir, Earwitness, which New Welsh Review published in 2019, raised my awareness of the neglected sense of sound in literature. Newcomer Colum Sanson-Regan is a musician, with two sole and two band albums under his belt (as well as having been a body double for David Tennant as […]
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Proud Flesh

Poem by Ashley-Elizabeth Best

PUBLISHED ON: 26/01/21


I had fallen out of love with everything. It was calming to think of all the ways a person could go, but wasn’t serious enough to pull it off. A routi …

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Suicide Machine

Tim Cooke on a photography book of Bridgend which is about people and places that exist, unknowable, beyond the headlines

PUBLISHED ON: 30/06/20


It’s just over a decade since I first met the photographer Dan Wood. I was gathering footage for a student film about creativity in our hometown, Brid …

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FEED (Taliesin Live)

Daniel Snipe on a production from Theatre Témoin about fake news and the online inflamation of extremism

PUBLISHED ON: 03/06/20


TRIGGER WARNING: Content discussing; self-harm, sexual harassment and violence.   Venturing alone to Taliesin Theatre at the end of February turn …

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Jim Neat: The Case of a Young Man Down on His Luck

Desi Tsvetkova concludes that this hybrid novel/confessional narrative poem is an exceptional piece of literature

PUBLISHED ON: 05/05/20


Mary J Oliver’s father passed away in 1983, but it isn’t until twenty-five years later that a spark ignites inside the author, urging her to find out …

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Sliced Tongue and Pearl Cufflinks

Georgia Fearn is captivated by a dark collection, about the mother-daughter relationship, that makes you grieve for something you did not know you had lost

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/20


Kittie Belltree’s words, ‘so deep, so dark and dislocating, in the first poem of this collection, are no exaggeration. Reading it in one sitting evoke …

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Two books on Edward Thomas

Alex Diggins

PUBLISHED ON: 26/06/19


Edward Thomas: Prose Writings: A Selected Edition: Volume III: Biographies, Richard Jefferies & George Borrow, is edited by Jem Poster and publish …

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Unspoken II

Kittie Belltree

PUBLISHED ON: 07/05/19


A secret fell from a seventh-floor window – flung out in a frenzied exchange. As it plummeted, incidents from its life raced across the face of the mo …

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Exquisitely Rough: Outsiders

Ruby D Jones on social class and the iceberg of London publishing

PUBLISHED ON: 27/03/19


Earlier this year, the Arts Council England awarded me a £10,000 grant to start writing my first book. I celebrated by spending the day crying, cwtche …

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Things that Make the Heart Beat Faster

Suzy Ceulan Hughes concludes that this ‘slick’ debut short-story collection is packed with social commentary, biting humour and sharp observations, as well as being sparkling with distinctly urban energy and contemporary cosmopolitanism

PUBLISHED ON: 30/10/18


In the closing story of João Morais’ striking debut collection, we meet Kung Fu. He has stopped a silver Corsa on the Cowbridge Road and the traffic i …

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