It’s just over a decade since I first met the photographer Dan Wood. I was gathering footage for a student film about creativity in our hometown, Bridgend, when he agreed to an interview. The documentary was supposed to be an antidote to the negative press coverage heaped on the town during the spate of suicides […]
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FEED (Taliesin Live)

Daniel Snipe on a production from Theatre Témoin about fake news and the online inflamation of extremism

PUBLISHED ON: 03/06/20


TRIGGER WARNING: Content discussing; self-harm, sexual harassment and violence.   Venturing alone to Taliesin Theatre at the end of February turn …

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Jim Neat: The Case of a Young Man Down on His Luck

Desi Tsvetkova concludes that this hybrid novel/confessional narrative poem is an exceptional piece of literature

PUBLISHED ON: 05/05/20


Mary J Oliver’s father passed away in 1983, but it isn’t until twenty-five years later that a spark ignites inside the author, urging her to find out …

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Sliced Tongue and Pearl Cufflinks

Georgia Fearn is captivated by a dark collection, about the mother-daughter relationship, that makes you grieve for something you did not know you had lost

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/20


Kittie Belltree’s words, ‘so deep, so dark and dislocating, in the first poem of this collection, are no exaggeration. Reading it in one sitting evoke …

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Two books on Edward Thomas

Alex Diggins

PUBLISHED ON: 26/06/19


Edward Thomas: Prose Writings: A Selected Edition: Volume III: Biographies, Richard Jefferies & George Borrow, is edited by Jem Poster and publish …

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Unspoken II

Kittie Belltree

PUBLISHED ON: 07/05/19


A secret fell from a seventh-floor window – flung out in a frenzied exchange. As it plummeted, incidents from its life raced across the face of the mo …

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Exquisitely Rough: Outsiders

Ruby D Jones on social class and the iceberg of London publishing

PUBLISHED ON: 27/03/19


Earlier this year, the Arts Council England awarded me a £10,000 grant to start writing my first book. I celebrated by spending the day crying, cwtche …

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Things that Make the Heart Beat Faster

Suzy Ceulan Hughes concludes that this ‘slick’ debut short-story collection is packed with social commentary, biting humour and sharp observations, as well as being sparkling with distinctly urban energy and contemporary cosmopolitanism

PUBLISHED ON: 30/10/18


In the closing story of João Morais’ striking debut collection, we meet Kung Fu. He has stopped a silver Corsa on the Cowbridge Road and the traffic i …

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The Light in the Dark

The perfect cure for winter blues, is Suzy Ceulan Hughes’ assessment of a celebration of this season as ‘part of a sacred cycle in a post-sacred world’

PUBLISHED ON: 29/10/18


The Light in the Dark is a beautiful thing, with a stunning cover wrapped around thoughtful, careful writing that speaks from the heart. It is a winte …

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Floating: A Return to Waterlog

‘Skin alight’, having joined the swimming revolution, the author, in this homage to Roger Deakin, fails to cure his own anxiety, writes Jane MacNamee, but all the same makes a heartfelt account to resist the pale shadow of virtual reality

PUBLISHED ON: 23/10/18


Roger Deakin’s Waterlog, A Swimmer’s Journey through Britain, an enchanting account of his swimming journey through Britain, has been an irresistible …

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