Dear Mr RS Powell Thanks for your letter recalling my cri de coeur (editorial, NWR 112, autumn 2016), in the wake of the EU referendum. You rightly mention that it ‘call[s] for people to commit to the culture of Wales, with the NWR offering part of the solution to populism and Anglocentrism.’ I’m sorry that […]
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The Case

MJ Oliver

PUBLISHED ON: 01/09/17


Toronto Gaol Nov 19th 1935 Dearest Baby Queen I’m sorry, but this is where I am. I have committed no felony but have gone to the dogs. Lizbietta is de …

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A Pearl of Great Price: The Love Letters of Dylan Thomas to Pearl Kazin

Vicky Mackenzie

PUBLISHED ON: 11/06/14


What is it about other people’s letters that make them such fascinating reading? Perhaps it’s the way they offer an insight into the writer’s life in …

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Poet to Poet: Edward Thomas’ Letters to Walter de la Mare

Jem Poster

PUBLISHED ON: 26/02/13


Edward Thomas’ correspondence with Walter de la Mare began in 1906 with a formal request to include some of de la Mare’s poems in a forthcoming anthol …

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Jayne Joso

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 29/08/12

CATEGORY: Interview

NWR: Why is architecture such a passion for you and how did you set out to convey this in the novel? Jayne Joso: I think it’s the idea of the house re …

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