When a typhoid epidemic tears through the small town of Meziříčíin in 1953, nine-year-old Mira is orphaned and forced to turn to her aunt Hana. A woman who has barely spoken to her during family gatherings, she is strange, austere, nervous and looks much older than her thirty-something years. She had been dearly loved by […]
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The Greatest Need: The Creative Life and Troubled Times of Lily Tobias, a Welsh Jew in Palestine, by Jasmine Donahaye

Eluned Gramich

PUBLISHED ON: 11/02/20


Eluned Gramich sings in praise of readers of unkosher novels and among them, Lily Tobias, the subject of Jasmine Donahaye’s expert biography in Honno’ …

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Stowaway: A Levantine Adventure

Tim Cooke

PUBLISHED ON: 27/02/19


In the poem, ‘Map of Venice’, Richard Gwyn evokes Italo Calvino’s notion that ‘the city reveals only a possible version of itself, one of many.’ Soon …

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Contemporary Literature from Wales

Gwen Davies, Robin Chapman and Suzy Ceulan Hughes

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


Gwen Davies on recent fiction in English from Wales, Robin Chapman on the rejection of politicisation in Welsh-language literature since devolution, S …

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The Sea of Words: Language, Controversy and Subsidy

Duncan Bush

PUBLISHED ON: 01/10/15


Language is the sea in which the world and we ourselves swim. In a fascinating book the Israeli novelist, Amos Oz and his co-author (and daughter) Fan …

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The Greatest Need: The Creative Life and Troubled Times of Lily Tobias, a Welsh Jew in Palestine

Eluned Gramich

PUBLISHED ON: 01/07/15


July 1938. Haifa: at the same time as her husband, Philip, was driving back from a day’s work, the acclaimed author Lily Tobias was putting the finish …

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Zillah Bethell

PUBLISHED ON: 28/11/12


I send my apologies very loudly to the sun for what it beholds when it beholds me. Elijah Bloom, Notes to Discourse on the Holocaust, Part One. These …

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