Ed Garland’s book of criticism, bibliotherapy and memoir, Earwitness, which New Welsh Review published in 2019, raised my awareness of the neglected sense of sound in literature. Newcomer Colum Sanson-Regan is a musician, with two sole and two band albums under his belt (as well as having been a body double for David Tennant as […]
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The Road

Angela Graham

PUBLISHED ON: 15/05/18


I made a film about it. Much later. I recreated it. Look. Here. See? A static shot. A frame empty of people. We are at the dark end of a narrow, short …

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Celtic Myth in Contemporary Children’s Fantasy: Idealization, Identity, Ideology

Linda Rhinehart

PUBLISHED ON: 09/08/17


In her investigation of the use of Irish and Welsh mythology in literature for children in recent years, Dimitra Fimi discusses Pat O’Shea’s The Hound …

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The Financial Lives of the Poets

Ben Skelton

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


The reputation of Seamus Heaney was built at least partly on the way he dealt with the big issues of his time and place – the Troubles in Northern Ire …

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The Weir

Jack Pugh

PUBLISHED ON: 04/05/17


Jack Pugh saw The Weir, a joint production between Sherman Theatre and Tobacco Factory Theatres, on 11 October. Directed by Rachel O’Riordan, it is ru …

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Wicked Game

Chris Moss

PUBLISHED ON: 01/07/16


People read genre novels principally for comfort. It matters little whether the content is satanic, criminal, romantic or vampiric; the familiarity of …

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Wonderfulgood: A Look at Variety in the Dublin Performance Scene

Alicia Byrne Keane

PUBLISHED ON: 17/07/14

CATEGORY: Blog, Reviews

It is hard to explain the experience that is the Wonderfulgood Collective. A group of artists, musicians, spoken word performers, and writers, they ar …

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The Scattering

Nigel Rodenhurst

PUBLISHED ON: 26/08/13


Jaki McCarrick’s new collection of short stories features a terrain and concerns that have been present in a writing career garnering numerous prizes …

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My milkman comes from Sarajevo and has beautiful hands

Rosie Shepperd

PUBLISHED ON: 26/08/13


and he leans against the door frame and asks have I ever read Wislawa Szymborska He says I should not concern myself with questions on the nature and …

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Keeping Up with the Joneses, NWR at Hay Festival 28 May 2013

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 11/06/13


The Landmarc 100 stage at Hay Festival was the aptly named venue for my conversation with Cynan Jones & Lloyd Jones about their novellas that were …

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