This first story in this debut collection of nine, ‘My Bonny’, begins with a paragraph-length sentence that contains two em dashes, two sets of parentheses, more subordinate clauses than I care to count, the word ‘startling’ in an obscure, possibly archaic usage, and the expression ‘untalkative actuaries’ to describe lobsters, jellyfish and such. It’s a […]
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A Beginner’s Guide to Japan

Pico Iyer Amy Aed is intrigued by a very unconventional guidebook (more poetry and internal dialogue than a cheat-sheet for tea shops) to a nation with American surfaces and non-American values

PUBLISHED ON: 29/10/20


Pico Iyer is often referred to as one of the best travel writers of the twenty-first century. I had not heard of him, I’m embarrassed to reveal. But t …

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