Gwylio’r Gwylwr / Gallery Watching

Ellen Bell is nearly six months into her year-long reportage residency at Ruthin Craft Centre, Ruthin, and Oriel Davies, Newtown, in which her listening and storytelling skills, ‘a Barbara Pym kind of drawn narrative’, are as important as her drawing skills

PUBLISHED ON: 14/02/23

CATEGORY: Blog, Column

The term ‘reportage’ is usually associated with an illustrative response to acts of war or seminal political happenings… Attracted to the small, the …

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The Herring Man

Beau Longley is seduced by the fairytale elements of this novel, with breathtakingly beautiful illustrations, about accepting a family legacy

PUBLISHED ON: 28/06/22


Stories should not die… They ought to be remembered by someone, somewhere, somehow. And with this quote, the theme and tone of this book is establishe …

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The Making – and Unmanning – of the Welsh Collier

A comparative history, a repackaged work of nonfiction and an essay collection provide a rich seam of reflections, writes Chris Moss in this feature-length review-essay

PUBLISHED ON: 30/03/22

CATEGORY: Essays, Reviews

MIners’ houses, Trealaw, Rhondda Valley by Isabel Alexander, from Miner’s Day.   Miner’s Day by BL Coombes, with illustrations [‘Rhondda images’] …

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The Hare Book and The Hedgehog Book

Suzy Ceulan Hughes recommends two gorgeous, stunningly illustrated hardback books which treat wildlife to a cultural, factual feast

PUBLISHED ON: 29/09/20


In an essay in the current issue of New Welsh Reader [Issue 124], I confessed to my obsession with hares. And I drew on Jane Russ’ The Hare Book for i …

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Quentin Blake: Inside Stories

Jack Pugh

PUBLISHED ON: 02/05/17


What does an illustrator think about? The question is posed as you walk into Quentin Blake: Inside Stories, currently on display at National Museum Ca …

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Llareggub: Peter Blake Illustrates Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood, National Museum Cardiff

Michael Tomlinson

PUBLISHED ON: 28/01/14


Although Peter Blake first heard Under Milk Wood on the radio in 1954 it was to be a few years before he thought to try illustrating it. Once he had, …

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