The Herring Man

Beau Longley is seduced by the fairytale elements of this novel, with breathtakingly beautiful illustrations, about accepting a family legacy

PUBLISHED ON: 28/06/22


Stories should not die… They ought to be remembered by someone, somewhere, somehow. And with this quote, the theme and tone of this book is establishe …

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The Making – and Unmanning – of the Welsh Collier

A comparative history, a repackaged work of nonfiction and an essay collection provide a rich seam of reflections, writes Chris Moss in this feature-length review-essay

PUBLISHED ON: 30/03/22

CATEGORY: Essays, Reviews

MIners’ houses, Trealaw, Rhondda Valley by Isabel Alexander, from Miner’s Day.   Miner’s Day by BL Coombes, with illustrations [‘Rhondda images’] …

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The Hare Book and The Hedgehog Book

Suzy Ceulan Hughes recommends two gorgeous, stunningly illustrated hardback books which treat wildlife to a cultural, factual feast

PUBLISHED ON: 29/09/20


In an essay in the current issue of New Welsh Reader [Issue 124], I confessed to my obsession with hares. And I drew on Jane Russ’ The Hare Book for i …

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Quentin Blake: Inside Stories

Jack Pugh

PUBLISHED ON: 02/05/17


What does an illustrator think about? The question is posed as you walk into Quentin Blake: Inside Stories, currently on display at National Museum Ca …

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Llareggub: Peter Blake Illustrates Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood, National Museum Cardiff

Michael Tomlinson

PUBLISHED ON: 28/01/14


Although Peter Blake first heard Under Milk Wood on the radio in 1954 it was to be a few years before he thought to try illustrating it. Once he had, …

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