Fans of Hinterland will welcome this latest English-language rural crime noir thriller with views that are sublimer than Ceredigion, and conclusions that are more feminist than moody Mathias could fathom. ‘Craith’ means ‘scar’, a reference to the quarry crime scene close to Llanberis where twenty-something Mali is found drowned. The original Welsh title Craith did […]
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The Library Suicides: Page to Screen

Fflur Dafydd on the novelist’s demotion in the process of adapting her offbeat dystopian novel into a straight thriller for the screen. Y Llyfrgell (The Library Suicides), directed by Euros Lyn, goes on general release on 5 August

PUBLISHED ON: 01/08/17


 Writing an adaptation of your own novel is like performing appendectomy on yourself.                       Calder Willingham   Willingham’s sent …

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Review 15 Editorial

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17

CATEGORY: Editorial

This month in Review 15 we look at the state of our literary nation, with contributions to our hour-long podcast, first from myself, looking at recent …

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Y Gwyll/Hinterland, Story 3 (Episode 5 – 6), Series 3

Dewi Huw Owen

PUBLISHED ON: 13/05/17


Writer: Jeff Murphy; Welsh adaptation: Caryl Lewis. Y Gwyll/Hinterland was co-created by Ed Thomas and Ed Talfan for Fiction Factory, and is broadcast …

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Ashley Owen on a novel about grief and the things that get left behind

PUBLISHED ON: 01/11/16


Contemplating Cynan Jones’ latest novella, published this year, one wonders whether the author ever feels the pressure of fulfilling the promise of hi …

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