In April 2008, The Guardian reported on former Lonely Planet guidebook author Thomas Kohnstamm, who admitted shortly before the release of his memoir, Do Travel Writers Go to Hell? that he did not always write honestly about the places he reviewed, and that his work on a guidebook of Columbia was actually undertaken while living […]
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Powys: Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire & Breconshire (Pevsner Architectural Guides: Buildings of Wales)

Mike Parker

PUBLISHED ON: 20/05/14


Some names break free from their origins and become generic – think Hoover and aspirin, or the rash of digital-age monikers such as Skype and Google. …

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Snowdon, The Story of a Mountain

Jem Poster

PUBLISHED ON: 22/05/13


For a book ostensibly tied to a specific locality, Jim Perrin’s Snowdon covers a lot of ground. The mountain itself stands at the centre of the narrat …

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Absolute Beginners

Kathryn Gray on her online guide to becoming a writer

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/10

CATEGORY: Author process, Blog

Recently, I was commissioned by Academi to write an online guide about how to become a writer, what the literary landscape looks like today in Wales, …

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