What we do Our collaboration is now two-and-a-half years’ old. We got the idea from Like Starlings, so we’re well aware it’s nothing new, but it’s taught us a lot. The nuts and bolts are these: one of us sends the other a poem (by post now, given that we’re no longer living in the […]
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Omar Sabbagh compares this north-Wales set debut novel of homecoming with Faulkner in its collusion of inner and outer spaces

PUBLISHED ON: 03/05/16


…(Write it!) like disaster. Elizabeth Bishop, ‘One Art’   In a different life, writing out of a scraggy, brittle, but yet, at times limpid and atmos …

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Johnny Dangerously

Lisa Blower

PUBLISHED ON: 18/02/14


There was always a lot of us, like we’d all been born together one after the other, and we’d all hang out in the backs. The backs were just that: the …

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Michael Parnell 1934-1991

PUBLISHED ON: 29/12/11


Following the sudden death of the editor Michael Parnell in September 1991, there is no editorial in New Welsh Review 14. The issue is introduced by J …

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