The Legend of Samad Behrangi, the Storyteller

Shara Atashi on Samad Behrangi, one of the most influential children’s authors of Iran, and campaigner against child poverty and for inclusivity

PUBLISHED ON: 01/03/22


If someday I should face death – as I surely will – it is not what matters. What does matter is what influence my life or death will have on the lives …

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Poem by Catherine Walsh

PUBLISHED ON: 29/09/20


Get your gross man-eyes off my poem with your numb-drum dumbing literal mind behind which hides no sincerity. My ma had a hundred times your brains bu …

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The House Without Windows

Jane MacNamee on a girl, wise beyond her years, who has much to teach us about how inseparable humanity is from nature

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/20


This is the enchanting tale of Eepersip, a rather lonely little girl who lives with her parents in the foothills of Mount Varcrobis. One day, she deci …

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Jane Houston

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


Bursts a woman from her door belting out laughter so hard the paving slabs shatter under foot, the castle walls crumble and bells in every belfry clan …

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Wonderfulgood: A Look at Variety in the Dublin Performance Scene

Alicia Byrne Keane

PUBLISHED ON: 17/07/14

CATEGORY: Blog, Reviews

It is hard to explain the experience that is the Wonderfulgood Collective. A group of artists, musicians, spoken word performers, and writers, they ar …

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West Papua

Nia Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 05/04/11


Outside a West London pub, Serogo repeated my name. I’ve been asked about it many times before but I’ve never got this reaction: “Ah Wales – freedom f …

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