Piotr was on his way to work in the slaughterhouse when he saw the old man walk into the water. His shift started at five, and he thought at first that the tweed jacket and the cap he could see through river mist must belong to one of the fishermen he’d come across, tickling trout […]
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Stone Ritual

Ashleigh Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 01/09/17


He lives by each estuary tide; Swallows stones to keep himself regular, He says they come to the silt shore In beetle-black strawship armadas. On Satu …

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American Sycamore

Tristan Hughes

PUBLISHED ON: 20/05/14


American Sycamore tells the story of Billy Sycamore, as seen through the eyes of his sister, Alice. A keen fly fisherman, the course of Billy’s life i …

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The Visitor

Jeremy Hughes

PUBLISHED ON: 27/11/13


There is a striking parallel between the paintings of John Bellany (especially ‘The Waiting’) and Katherine Stansfield’s novel, The Visitor. Not only …

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Rich Text: Tyler Keevil on his Short Story collection Burrard Inlet

Tyler Keevil

PUBLISHED ON: 28/02/13


In Alistair MacLeod’s story, ‘The Boat’, a young narrator on the cusp of manhood is torn between following his dreams, of leaving the fishing communit …

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