The novelist and short story writer, Siân James, who recently died at the age of ninety, was a significant and distinctive voice in Anglophone Welsh fiction in the late twentieth century. Born in 1930 in rural Ceredigion, Siân was confidently bilingual, translating work from the Welsh but writing her own fiction in English. She forged […]
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The Queen of Romance, Marguerite Jervis: A Biography by Liz Jones

Bookclub chaired by Natalia Elliot discussing The Queen of Romance by Liz Jones, a biography of Marguerite Jervis

PUBLISHED ON: 27/07/21

CATEGORY: Bookclub video

Bookclub discussing the biography, The Queen of Romance, by Liz Jones, about the mass-selling romance novelist Marguerite Jervis (1886-1964), who was …

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Terminal Boredom: Stories

Lloyd Markham admires a classic collection of Japanese stories in translation whose strength lies in their function as sci-fi vignettes as well as period pieces of the burnt-out sixties and hungover seventies

PUBLISHED ON: 23/07/21


The first English-language publication of the works of late artist provocateur and cult sci-fi writer Izumi Suzuki, Terminal Boredom: Stories, is a di …

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Lest We Forget

Wanda Zyborska writes about HM Stanley, Denbigh, memorialisation and art, asking, How can we have equality without diversity in our cultural representations?

PUBLISHED ON: 28/07/20

CATEGORY: Column, Opinion

The recent actions of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters tearing down statues of the slave owner Edward Colston in Bristol has drawn public attention …

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Tristimania: A Diary of Manic Depression

Chris Moss

PUBLISHED ON: 01/11/16


Chris Moss admires a deeper, bolder search for meaning and mental calm from a wide and generous reader and daring reformer of the memoir genre Depress …

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