The Listening Project follows the life of a woman called Imogen, whose difficulties arise both from her hearing loss and from family tensions over her brother Arnie’s death in childhood. The main agent of these tensions is Imogen’s father, who is angry at her decision to undergo surgery to have a Cochlear Implant. A scan […]
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for reasons unknown

For Daniel Snipe, this experimental poetry collection strays too far from his original project of narrative poetry anchored in the archetype Brock

PUBLISHED ON: 03/06/20


Nigel Humphrey’s for reasons unknown is the fourth publication in the Parhelion Poetry Series published by Arbor Vitae Press. This series aims to repr …

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Swansea Automatic

Kieron Smith champions this poetry collection – part science-textbook pastiche, part local history, part guidebook – on a city that refuses to be pinned down

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/20

CATEGORY: Opinion, Reviews

How does a colour become a symbolic colour? How does a place become a symbolic place? Why is this book about SWANSEA and not ABERYSTWYTH or LONDON? In …

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New Critical Approach to Brenda Chamberlain Unveiled at Centenary Event

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 15/10/12


Last Thursday, despite torrential rain, a landmark event at Llyfrgell Ceredigion Library, Aberystwyth, combined into a dual celebration: the centenary …

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