Gary Raymond’s latest book, Angels of Cairo, is a taut and very funny cautionary tale about the perils of creative obsession, set over one nail-biting day of angst and self-discovery. Raymond is a novelist, critic, editor, and broadcaster who has two previously published novels, The Golden Orphans and For Those Who Come After, as well as the non-fiction […]
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Women’s Rights

Poem by Amirah Al Wassif

PUBLISHED ON: 28/07/20


Don’t try to introduce my skin to your skin cause such introduction doesn’t let the light get in. Don’t try to prove me as your servant while getting …

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Crocodiles by Youssef Rakha

Niall Griffiths

PUBLISHED ON: 11/02/20


It began appallingly – with the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia – but the reforming hope that rose, phoenix-like, from those awful flam …

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Arrest Me, for I Have Run Away

Suzy Ceulan Hughes hails the debut short story collection of one of our finest contemporary authors, where wisdom and empathy shine

PUBLISHED ON: 27/07/18


Stevie Davies is one of our finest contemporary authors, and it’s a pleasure to see some of her short fiction collected here for the first time. Bette …

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Michael Nott

PUBLISHED ON: 01/04/16


To equivocate, states the Oxford English Dictionary, is to prevaricate; to deviate from straightforwardness; to speak or act in an evasive way. Equall …

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Stand Up, John Rowlands

John Barnie

PUBLISHED ON: 20/11/13


Background In 1887, HM Stanley led his third and last expedition across Central Africa. Its mission was to relieve Emin Pasha, Governor of the Egyptia …

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Lying Turks and the Pure Tongue of Eden

Stevie Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 28/11/12


On the eve of a visit to Egypt I aquired an Arabic phrase book. Intended to help ‘Americans visiting or temporarily residing in the Arab world’, it ph …

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