The teenage years were over, both sons were safely ensconced at St Andrew’s University and they were happy and healthy. I had untied my apron strings and relaxed my guard. Then, on a summer’s day in 2004, my youngest son was involved in a minor accident on a country road on the way to buy […]
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White Food

Kate Hamer

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


>When first they found him they weren’t sure if he was alive. Or even really human. Mother and daughter looked at the sprawled figure on the front …

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John Macfarlane’s exhibition

Jack Pugh

PUBLISHED ON: 08/05/17


Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff is host to John Macfarlane’s exhibition until 26 November 2016. John Macfarlane’s latest exhibition at Martin Tinney …

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Light Switches Are My Kryptonite

Ashley Owen

PUBLISHED ON: 01/05/17


The story at the heart of Crystal Jeans’ second novel, Light Switches Are My Kryptonite, is deceptively simple: a father and son are struggling to mou …

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Is This What a Mother’s Bones Become?

Claire Booker

PUBLISHED ON: 26/08/13


Stoked on hard dreaming, I climb the stairwell – stop at the extra turn at the top, the swell of the door jamb, toothed with its steel trim. Bees-wax …

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Between Two Rivers

Megan Jones

PUBLISHED ON: 18/08/13


Due to a bombardment of unsavoury media coverage, the majority of British people struggle to picture Iraq as anything other than a warzone. Yet this i …

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She Inserts the Key

Kittie Belltree

PUBLISHED ON: 17/07/13


Flowers are not fragile They rise again, ripe and capricious, they petal over cracks in concrete, seed in the mulch of our dead. ‘The Flowers’ Award-w …

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NWR 100 Preview 5

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 17/05/13


NWR’s landmark hundredth issue publishes a week tomorrow, Sat 25 May. Teaser-taster no. 5; subscribe now to read the full story by securing your copy. …

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A Perfect Queen

Inés Garland translated by Richard Gwyn

PUBLISHED ON: 08/05/13


You will be aware of an absence, presently, Growing beside you, like a tree – Sylvia Plath I look for Mama even though I know she is never here when I …

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Anna Stenning

PUBLISHED ON: 28/02/13


In spite of critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic, Anne Stevenson’s poetry remains relatively unknown. Perhaps we can find in Astonishment, h …

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