When your childhood is a fragmentation grenade it is difficult to learn how to breathe. BlOwOuts rip through the papier mâché history you painstakingly mould into walls. Dithering between sniper-sharp criticism & car-bomb gifts you learn to sink friends & instincts like looted art. Sophie McKeand is an award-winning poet, a TEDx speaker, and the […]
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Alternative Values: Poems and Paintings

Claire Pickard

PUBLISHED ON: 01/02/16


In Alternative Values: Poems and Paintings, Frieda Hughes explores, in a single volume for the first time, the two disciplines that she describes as ‘ …

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Don’t Look Back in Anger

Julia Forster

PUBLISHED ON: 22/05/13


Like those of many people, my childhood was pretty uneventful; there’s little raw material from which to mine a best-selling memoir. Instead, I’m curr …

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