When my parents went back to their roots, to low ceilinged views of a pub with ducks, a shop, a Cotswold stone church, painstakingly restored   they found their kind long gone. I see them in a neighbour’s lounge among devotees of sipping of dispensing conversation in morsels.   Mum bears her small badge of […]
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Three Japanese Novellas

Novellas provide enough space for vivid, tactile world-building but avoid wearing themes and ideas too thin, writes Dan Bradley. These Japanese titles, haunted by change, provide vivid worlds to tempt hitherto timid booksellers, critics and readers to explore Japanese culture, translation and the novella itself

PUBLISHED ON: 09/08/17

CATEGORY: Essays, Reviews

Spring Garden by Tomoka Shibasaki (trans Polly Barton), Slow Boat by Hideo Furukawa (trans David Boyd) & Record of a Night Too Brief by Hiromi Kaw …

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A Stranger Comes to Town

Mandy Sutter on how she identified the theme of loneliness in her developing novel, Bush Meat

PUBLISHED ON: 01/08/17


My family spent two years in Nigeria in the 1960s, when I was about seven. I based my memoir-travel piece, ‘Bush Meat’ (published in extract form in N …

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A Kingdom

Anna Stenning

PUBLISHED ON: 03/10/13


James Hanley should be better known than he is. This new edition of A Kingdom brings a neglected work of lyrical prose to light, one that explores the …

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The Rice Paper Diaries

Suzy Ceulan Hughes

PUBLISHED ON: 26/08/13


Set partly in 1940s Hong Kong and the Japanese Stanley Internment Camp, Francesca Rhydderch’s debut novel tells the story of a young Welsh woman from …

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NWR 100 Preview 6

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 19/05/13


NWR’s landmark hundredth issue publishes this Saturday, 25 May. Teaser-taster no. 6; subscribe now to read the full story by securing your copy. From …

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You, Me and the Birds

Crystal Jeans

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/13


Alan Kellermann’s first collection is a funny little mix, featuring poems about love, lust, astronomy, displacement, nostalgia, road accidents, apocal …

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