The History of Wales in Twelve Poems, A Last Respect: The Roland Mathias Prize Anthology of Contemporary Welsh Poetry

Chris Moss on two anthologies which prove that Welsh poetry in English is in robust health

PUBLISHED ON: 01/11/21


The art of the poetry anthology is a competitive arena. You have the celeb selections (Amis on Larkin, Cerys Matthews on her whims), the ‘authoritativ …

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The Greatest Need: The Creative Life and Troubled Times of Lily Tobias, a Welsh Jew in Palestine, by Jasmine Donahaye

Eluned Gramich

PUBLISHED ON: 11/02/20


Eluned Gramich sings in praise of readers of unkosher novels and among them, Lily Tobias, the subject of Jasmine Donahaye’s expert biography in Honno’ …

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The Crawshay Portraits exhibition at the National Museum of Wales

João Morais

PUBLISHED ON: 15/07/13


For the past twenty years, the National Museums and Galleries of Wales have invested heavily in Wales’ industrial heritage. At its cultural homeland, …

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Dannie Abse Wins 2009 Wilfred Owen Poetry Award

Kathryn Gray comments on the occasion of Dannie Abse winning the Wilfred Owen Poetry Award

PUBLISHED ON: 24/11/09


Dannie Abse has won the 2009 Wilfred Owen Poetry Award for a distinguished body of work which includes notable war poems. Previous recipients of the h …

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