The Emptying of Covid-19. It sounds like the title of a Thomas Pynchon novel. But for three long months, the skies cleared, the beaches were clean and the roadsides hummed with birdsong. All over the world, this sampling of a calmer, kinder environment allowed everyone a pause – hopefully, for thought. How might a less […]
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Thinking Again

When a travel writer has been everwhere, writes Chris Moss, there is something radically enlightening – as well as saleable – in writing about home and stasis. Jan Morris demonstrates the arts of seeming intimate without ever being truly confessional, stoicism and the ability to find a quiet poetry in social isolation

PUBLISHED ON: 01/04/20


A national treasure, Jan Morris can do no wrong. As she approaches her mid nineties, each new book is offered as the last. With more than sixty alread …

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