In 2019, Roberto Pastore published his first poetry collection, entitled Hey, Bert. There’s a beautiful toucan illustrated on the cover, standing atop a palm tree, no doubt admiring its own vibrant tropical colours. The back cover blurb promises the reader a spectacular journey through different mediums of poetry, comparable to names like John Giorno, Anne […]
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The Last Bastion

Rachel Trezise on We’re Still Here, her play about the steel industry crisis affecting 15,000 wider jobs, to be shown in Port Talbot in September. The south Wales of heavy industry, heavily unionised and brimming with big-hearted, community-spirited, Labour-voting skilled manual workers, is gone. Instead, she argues, her play has among its themes, ‘epic compromise’

PUBLISHED ON: 31/07/17

CATEGORY: Author process

Photo: Sam Coombes, cast member and steelworker. Courtesy John Pountney/Elfen Tata Steel announced in January last year that over a thousand steelwork …

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Anita Mir

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


My dad, Darwin Andrews, was the first black mayor in Britain. He was also the first Muslim mayor in Britain. If that didn’t make growing up in a small …

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Contemporary Literature from Wales

Gwen Davies, Robin Chapman and Suzy Ceulan Hughes

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


Gwen Davies on recent fiction in English from Wales, Robin Chapman on the rejection of politicisation in Welsh-language literature since devolution, S …

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Songs of the Soil

Jessica Mookherjee

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


Waterlogged, overtaken by tides, swamped clay, sinking in soil that makes me homesick, near an estuary. I think I see paddy fields growing in Llanrhid …

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