We Have to Leave the Earth

T. K. Quentin finds this collection on climate change, parenthood and feminist activism to be well-crafted, but takes issue with the attitudes towards autism that some of the poems suggest

PUBLISHED ON: 08/06/22


Award-winning poet, academic and editor Carolyn Jess-Cooke explores climate change, parenthood and feminist activism in her new collection, We Have to …

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Planet Blues

PUBLISHED ON: 26/04/22

CATEGORY: Essays, Feature length, Reviews, review-essay

It’s early winter. I’ve just been for a walk in a field. It’s part of the large estate that surrounds my home – a rented, retired 1830s farmhouse – an …

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The Book of Jem

JL George assesses a powerful literary dystopia and admires its sense of rootedness but finds that it may disappoint some readers in its characterisation choices

PUBLISHED ON: 26/01/22


Set in a future world that has banned religion in the aftermath of cataclysmic wars, Carole Hailey’s The Book of Jem portrays the implosion of an isol …

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Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains: A Journey across Arunachal Pradesh, India’s Forgotten Frontier

Amy Aed enjoys travel writing that restores human values, and discovers a remote state in north-eastern India

PUBLISHED ON: 27/01/21


Not only was Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains shortlisted for the 2018 Edward Stanford Travel Writing Award, but it has also been given high praise by o …

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Naturalist: A Graphic Adaptation

Edward O Wilson, adapted by Jim Ottaviani, art by CM Butzer, colouring by Hilary Sycamore

PUBLISHED ON: 03/11/20


Edward O Wilson, as readers of the New Welsh Review will know, is one of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists, an entomologist with an unrivall …

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Blood Rain

Oliver Heath reviews a poetry collection that reflects the anxieties of contemporary society

PUBLISHED ON: 25/04/20


Our contemporary moment has come to be defined in no small part by its corresponding political conflicts and global crises. These myriad instances of …

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Water, Water, Nowhere

Heledd Williams

PUBLISHED ON: 22/10/19


Mattie tried to remain composed while she faced the IriScan, keeping her features relaxed so the pigment algorithm of her irises could be analysed. It …

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Wales Book of the Year 2019 at Aberystwyth

Erica Shepard

PUBLISHED ON: 31/07/19


Literature Wales held the Wales Book of the Year 2019 at Aberystwyth’s Art Centre on the twentieth of June. It was a night to honour those for whom Wa …

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Chris Moss

PUBLISHED ON: 30/07/19


A fracking project, an expanding pheasant shoot, a ruthless landowner and the perennial risk of destructive flooding: Alison Layland’s second novel fo …

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The Second Body by Daisy Hildyard

Lis Jones

PUBLISHED ON: 30/01/18


What is it about climate change that stops us from taking action? Why – when entire communities from the Marshall Islands to Mindanao are being swept …

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