26th February, 7:20 PM. The information desk at Ceredigion Museum had no lights on, and the streets around it were almost empty. Standing in front of the door felt forbidden since the place looked as though it was closed. Anyone unaware of the event would have walked past, no intention of even looking twice at […]
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All Life is Here

Angela Evans

PUBLISHED ON: 09/05/18


One collapsible top hat, one fez, one St Paul’s school blazer, two journals of film reviews, one frayed Union Jack flag, one marriage contract, two ‘S …

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The Actors’ Crucible: Port Talbot and the Making of Burton, Hopkins, Sheen and All the Others

Daniel Leeman finds that actors’ mentors, chapel and educational traditions and the town itself are the stars of this authentic and accessible history of a deprived community and its famous dramatic exports

PUBLISHED ON: 01/03/16


What immediately hit me about The Actor’s’ Crucible was the love expressed by its author for her topic: ‘This subject crept up on me and took me over. …

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