On the first day of Christmas, they hauled you from me with the forceps while a crimson Santa blinked outside and made the rain new blood. The second day, I washed with frankincense, fed you thin gold, summoned by the high star of your cry. The third day, milk came swaddling-pale, shepherd’s flock white… Helen […]
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Double Review: Brief Lives: Six Fictions and Christopher Meredith (Writers of Wales)

Though the sweep of time is a universal experience, Prof Tony Brown writes, in Meredith’s beautifully achieved fictions it becomes acute, textured, made emotionally resonant by personal and local factors

PUBLISHED ON: 27/07/18


In the preliminary pages of this new collection of short stories, Brief Lives, Six Fictions, Christopher Meredith admits that ‘several books have been …

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Dress Rehearsal

Charlie Bird

PUBLISHED ON: 01/09/17


The stage is full of angels, innkeepers, reindeer. Mary, heavy with cushion, strops at Joseph, who laughs at shepherds farting, who blame the sheep fr …

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Another Mumblecore Masterpiece: A Wonderful Christmas Time

Mari Ellis Dunning

PUBLISHED ON: 30/01/17


Hot on the successful heels of Benny and Jolene, which debuted earlier this year, Welsh-born writer and director Jamie Adams has produced a second mum …

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Al Lewis – A Child’s Christmas in Wales

Jonathan Doyle

PUBLISHED ON: 11/12/13


North Walian singer-songwriter Al Lewis has released a Christmas single based on the Dylan Thomas short story ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’ to celebr …

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A Reader’s Christmas Holiday, Best Served Melancholy

Nia Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 11/12/12


Every year my mum has Christmas customs that must be adhered to in a surprisingly strict fashion. Cakes must be stirred on certain dates, scraggy old …

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Support our publishing industry: buy one literary mag or book produced in Wales this Christmas

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 02/12/12


Julian Ruck on the Politics Show this weekend made the vague and inaccurate statement that there is no public scrutiny of the subsidy made to publish …

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