The 2014 revision of the United Nations’ document revealed that, for the first time, the globe’s urban population accounted for more than half of all people: 54%, up from 34% in 1960. Further studies in the ensuing years have shown that this global move towards urban life continues to grow exponentially. Within a single human’s […]
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The Snow Leopard, The Ice Bear, Tell Me A Dragon (Jackie Morris Retrospective)

Eleanor Howe reports that these striking, fable-like picture books, published by Graffeg in a large format-edition, are to curl up with and savour, and that they forge connections between nature and people in the one instance, and detailed diverse worlds in the other

PUBLISHED ON: 27/07/18


It is not very often that a children’s book causes a nationwide stir, in the literary world, or beyond, but when artist Jackie Morris teamed up with w …

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Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds

Eleanor Howe is charmed by this ripping yarn for children by Horatio Clare, at turns outrageous, hilarious, thoughtful and wise

PUBLISHED ON: 05/06/18


Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds is the follow-up to Horatio Clare’s 2015 children’s debut, Branford Boase Award-winning Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot …

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Podcast: Disappearing Nature with Fiona Orbell, Diana Luft and Miriam Elin Jones

PUBLISHED ON: 25/03/18


A podcast focusing on the theme of ‘disappearing nature’: with Diana Luft discussing ‘Meddyginiaethau Gwerin Cymru’ by Anne Elizabeth Williams, Miriam …

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Fo Orbell

PUBLISHED ON: 01/07/16


Huw Davies’ Scrambled is fast-paced and funny; and it realises the author’s ambition of providing a ‘daft book for boys’. Davies draws on his experien …

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Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot

Fiona Orbell

PUBLISHED ON: 01/04/16


I loved this unique and enchanting story: Horatio Clare has a gift for language and offers a philosophical tale that remains with you long after you h …

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