In honour of Derek Walcott, 23 January 1930–17 March 2017   As the editor for eleven years of Poetry Wales (1997–2008), I encountered writers who claimed not to read, in case reading contaminated their unique and God-given style. I was inundated by writers who did not know, in literary terms, that the wheel had been […]
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A Great Big Shining Star

Gee Williams

PUBLISHED ON: 26/08/13


In A Great Big Shining Star, Niall Griffiths’ seventh book, we first come across dim teenager Grace Allcock being driven home to the unnamed seaside t …

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The Vanity Rooms

Ffion Lindsay

PUBLISHED ON: 24/06/13


I read The Vanity Rooms by Peter Luther one Sunday afternoon in the bath, and it made a pleasant change from reading the backs of the shampoo bottles. …

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Serious Times

PUBLISHED ON: 29/12/11

CATEGORY: Editorial

Readers of New Welsh Review will not need reminding that these are serious and exceptional times in which we live. That already hackneyed term ‘the cr …

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Whose Voice is it Anyway?

Sarah Broughton on authorial voice in biography and ghost-written books

PUBLISHED ON: 10/12/09

CATEGORY: Author process, Blog

Over the past few blogs, I’ve been thinking about the different elements I’ve had to consider as I write my biography of the woman who was briefly mar …

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Cataloguing Lives

Sarah Broughton on the libraries the famous leave behind

PUBLISHED ON: 30/11/09


When you’re famous and then you die, you could find yourself in the potentially awkward and deeply invasive position of having everything you own plac …

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