We are one hundred years on from the publication of Caradoc Evans’ short story collection, My People, a book carrying the status of being the opening chapter in the tradition now known as Welsh Writing in English. It is time to look again, to reassess the controversy the book kindled in Wales, a controversy never […]
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Bigotry and Virtue: George Powell and the Question of Legacy

Harry Heuser

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


When the collector, George Ernest John Powell (1842–82), decided to bequeath his artworks, books, antiquities and curios to what was then the Universi …

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A Welsh Witch, A Romance of Rough Places

Steven Lovatt

PUBLISHED ON: 22/05/13


A Welsh Witch is a novel by Allen Raine (Anne Adeliza Puddicombe), originally published in 1902, that charts the progress from adolescence to maturity …

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