War and Culture in the Olchon Valley

Nigel Jarrett on the natural and cinematic emblems of our countries and borderlands

PUBLISHED ON: 13/03/20


When I first walked the Olchon Valley north of Abergavenny, Bruce Chatwin had just published On the Black Hill, his novel about two farming brothers i …

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The Life of Almost

Anna Vaught

PUBLISHED ON: 09/05/18


A dreary, dry Sunday afternoon. Far from the sea coast. Stifled; sick; quiet in the wrong way. Border country. Stiff-backed and wondering. The back of …

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Punks and Safety Pins

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17

CATEGORY: Editorial

Even as we are all still in shock following the folly of the EU referendum, now is the time to try and counteract the potentially evil influence of a …

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Crossings: A Journey Through Borders

Ashley Owen

PUBLISHED ON: 01/11/16


In the opening essay of his collection, Crossings, Nicholas Murray, as a method of interrogating the existence of borders, introduces Foucault’s idea …

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The Art of David Jones: Vision and Memory

Katya Johnson admires this first book-length treatment since 1981 of the visually lyrical artwork of a key figure of British modernism who also bears comparison with William Blake

PUBLISHED ON: 01/03/16


David Jones (1895–1974) is better known as a poet than an artist. His first book-length poem, In Parenthesis, published by Faber & Faber in 1937 – …

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Borders on the Brink?

Kathryn Gray

PUBLISHED ON: 25/11/09


The bookshop Borders facing possible administration, the Guardian reports.

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